Wheat diet of Master Petar Deunov

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It has been created about 80 or 90 years ago by a great Bulgarian – Master Petar Deunov /who has been worshipped even by the great Albert Einstein/. Thence, thousands of people (Bulgarians and foreigners) were doing this diet. Some of them stood 10 days, other people – more. But that is not so important. You don’t need to become fanatics. The important point for you is to renew your bodies.

The information about the Wheat diet is scanty. You will not find in lectures and talks of Master Petar Deunov texts and instructions for such Wheat diet, as it is done nowadays. There you may only find guidelines for exercises, where the feeding is only with wheat. Very often the duration of such regimens (exercises) lasts more than ten days.

The modern way of performance of the wheat diet is based on the memories of the Master Deunov’s cook. According to these memories, he gave it only to her. She gives it later on to some disciples of the Master in 1953. Her recommendations are to use only hulled wheat. We consider that such recommendation could only be personal and based on some disease (of teeth, stomach, jaws …) “Hulled” means “beaten” and this contradicts the ideas of the Master, related to violence. We also must not forget that matter has memory. For that reason we recommend feeding with wheat having very small germ (millimeter). At the birth and around this moment, there are much more energies. There are also manifestations of love, though on vegetable level. At that time you connect to the great sacrament of birth. But this moment is also related to the sacrifice of the wheat grain. This sacrifice is fundamental for the Wheat diet and it is good to be understood, in order the spiritual meaning of doing it to be perceived.

When you do the Wheat diet, useful for your body would be the walnuts (for the brain, they have such a shape), apples (for the heart) and honey (for the blood). In addition to the reduction of weight, by the Wheat diet you may renew your body at cellular level. This diet respects the moon phases and corresponds to the energies that each single day “carries”. Moon has important impact on the body (especially on the female body), on its liquids and even on the emotions more than you imagine. For that reason this diet has to be initiated either on Wednesday or on Monday (when the full moon was on Wednesday, Thursday/ after full moon. If you want to achieve bigger success you must observe these conditions.

But the behavior of everyone is also extremely important when returning to normal feeding. Although the results of the diet might be lasting, very often the incorrect return to normal feeding could erase the efforts made during the main part of the diet.

Certainly, for some people this diet might be unsuitable (sick people or people weak of will…). Unlike other diets, it is not so difficult. There are days when you even don’t want to eat. But everything depends a lot on each individual.

Although sometimes it has more unsatisfactory results for us, the Wheat diet is useful. Even as a trial of the will. So therefore, it is worth at least once to do it, also because it is Bulgarian, tested for tens of years and some people are doing it several times per year. For those of you who want to eliminate weight, we could provide the following information: During a Wheat diet you could lose about 5 kg. About 500 g per day are lost normally but not regularly and it depends on the individual particulars. If you return to normal feeding correctly, you may regain not more than 1 kg. Some people continue to lose weight even at that time. If you do four times the diet throughout the year (we do not recommend you more), that could reduce your body weight by 15 kg (after all subsequent returns to normal feeding). We consider this as relatively healthy and not very difficult way to lose weight.

Easiest time to do the diet is in May, June, September and October. Why? One of the reasons for that is related to fact that the body does not need to burn so much calories for warming or cooling. During winter months 25% of the calories are consumed for warming if the environment has temperature of 0 oC. For that reason we recommend you to drink water having the same temperature (27-37oC). Thus, the amount of the energy wasted is low. You all know what the temperature of the water in our body is.

Dates for Wheat diet in 2013

Possible dates for Wheat diet in 2013.

/let’s be alive and healthy/ - for purification…:

Possible dates for Wheat diet in 2013 – for acquisition:

The names of diets for respective months are conditional. So therefore the March diet goes in… April. I hope you could easily plan your holidays in order to do more easily the diet.

The initial days and especially the moon phases are more important.

The start of Wheat diet depends on goals you follow. Dates given here are either for Wednesday or for Monday. If you chose a different day, make sure you respected the condition for that day to be between full moon (which is at the end of some months) and new moon (for purification) or vice versa (for acquisition). In most of the cases this cycle is limited to 14 days, and you have to eat wheat 10- days (in the main part). The diet is easiest if started on Wednesday. I little bit more difficult, if started on Monday. The degree of difficulty increases in the following order (initial days) – Friday, Sunday, Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday …

Please, consider well your capacities. Begin with the easier one.

When you do the Wheat diet for acquisition (after new moon), you should define your basic goal and you should start on the “right” day.

  1. Monday - for achieving mildness, sensuality, insight and intuition…

  2. Tuesday - for creation of firmness and spirit to fight

  3. Wednesday – for business, trade, sagacity and analytical approach.

  4. Thursday – for achieving scientific goals, education…

  5. Friday – for more private purposes…

  6. Saturday – for wisdom, patience, profound perception of serious problems

  7. Sundayart, sport, friendship, romantics, travels

It is good for you during the whole diet (the three phases) to keep a diary. You can record the most important problems, feelings, emotions, meetings (visible and invisible) even the mistakes.

When you do the next diet, you could compare, correct…

Warning! Wheat diet might be risky for your health, if you have some severe diseases (of endocrinal system, of stomach, fluctuations of blood pressure, psychological problems etc.) or in case some strong drugs have been administered to you.

We will not be held liable for any failure to consider this advice or in case you did not consulted physician prior to initiate the diet. Wheat diet is not a panacea and it will not solve successfully all of your health problems, though we would like to see you recovered.

Despite the internet is a democratic and open network, you join a group which has PREDEFINED RULES.

Below you may see some of the more important ones:

  1. Wheat diet of Master Petar Deunov is not an ordinary diet. It has also some hidden “messages” and influences. Be prepared to accept them

  2. Read slowly and carefully the opinions about the subject and consider whether you really wish to do it.

  3. Try to understand that you have a great potential of your will. The only thing you must do is to manage it efficiently and the diet will seem very easy to do.

  4. There is enough contradictory information on this subject (in books and on the Internet as well). Read what the choice of the group is and decide whether you can respect it.

  5. Follow strictly the guidelines when doing the Wheat diet. They have been verified and are giving very good results. If you doubt, it’s better not to start to do this diet. Or at least not using the support of this group.

  6. The group is united, intelligent and ready to provide help in case of need. But do not consider it as 112 emergency call service. Make an effort first to help yourself.

  7. Frequently asked questions do not receive answers. Guess why!

  8. Share the joys and problems related to Wheat diet because they are valuable for others.

  9. Provide your contribution to improve the way the wheat diet is done by making specific proposals for the preparation of the diet, feeding after the diet, preparation of wheat, etc.

  10. Ignore other people who wonder at you during the diet. You took the right decision and you may disregard the other people’s opinion.

  11. Resist the temptations that would make you stop the diet. No matter what the source is. You know that you are more powerful than them and you have to prove it.

  12. Human health is the most valuable thing. So therefore, in case of some serious health problem do not initiate the diet, and if you have already done, stop it immediately and seek medical advice. When you experience difficulties (during Wheat diet) recall these rules and don’t forget that you do a wonderful diet in a lovely internet group.

What kind of wheat shall we use in the Wheat diet?

Chose Bulgarian ordinary wheat for germinating!

We strongly recommend wheat for germinating, because of its potential in the beginning of germination. There is one more basic reason, which makes us using such wheat (though in some web sites you may find recommendations for hulled wheat, it is for sick people who have rotten teeth/ and this is the so called matter memory. The hulled wheat remembers who has beaten it at energy and matter level and this produces a mixture of energies, while we need of the natural energy of the wheat. Its hull contains lots of nutrients. If you use hulled wheat, keep in mind that it rapidly becomes mash when exposed to hot water.

We have already commented the problem with the choice of wheat. Temporarily, one exception had become a rule when the hulled wheat was more in use. People who eat hulled wheat have much more “concomitant problems” – trembling, hunger, headache…

Larger picture at: http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/jito1g.jpg

In German:

Larger picture at: http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/jito2g.jpg

Larger picture at: http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/jito3g.jpg

Larger picture at: http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/jito4g.jpg
Natural wheat may be used (for seeding, for poultry etc.), but you have to make sure that it has not been chemically treated. It is good for the wheat to be cleaned from herbs and impurities.

What wheat we DO NOT need of in the diet:


Additional information on why to use germinated wheat – To learn how to cause grain germination and to cultivate germs: http://www.spiralata.net/kratko/articles.php?lng=bg&pg=55

If it is too hard for you to resist to starvation, or if you have health problems (teeth, stomach), but you have money and you live in a big city, then you may buy and use spelt. This ancient kind is very soft, and this year, a huge advertising campaign is running, imposing it as good, due to its good genetic content. We recognize some of its qualities: it satiates more and you simply do not limit the food and eat almost normally, which do not requires resistance, i.e. in purely spiritual aspect the use of spelt reduces the resistance obstacles and therefore the effect on the willpower is lower. But the diet itself has developed – from alleviation to alleviation – apples, walnuts, honey and even lemon (for some people), while the “strict” version is only with wheat. For a long period the wheat was hulled only, in order to be soft…

But most of the people who did the diet with germinated wheat had better results (as body weight reduction). We doubt that with its softness the spelt could clean better the guts than the ordinary hard wheat. Besides, the spelt has not been recommended by the originator of the diet, although even then it was known. We did not see any major difference in its “hidden” components, which clean.

Where to buy wheat for germination?

In Sofia: http://ecovege.org/sofia

More places in Sofia: http://biosviat.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=211

Buy (get) wheat at least 4 or 5 days before the beginning of main phase of the Wheat diet. You have to have 3 days to try and find out how long it takes for your wheat to germinate under your conditions. And if it happens for 48 hours, then you have to have at least that period until the beginning of main phase of Wheat diet. If you plan to do the diet, it is better to buy the wheat several weeks before. Often, the last week it runs out of the stores and questions on how to substitute it appear.

Buy more than 1 kg of wheat. About 30 or 40 g of it are impurities which have to be removed. If you put a little bit more than 100 g and if before the diet you try to see how long it takes to germinate, than 1 kg will not be sufficient for 10 days and for the last 1 or 2 days you may experience difficulties to find more in the stores. So therefore you have to buy the wheat earlier and to test how and when it germinates.

For the first time (day) soak the wheat 48 hours before the start of the diet. If it germinates until the 36th hour take it out of the water and put it on a cool place, in order to limit the speed of germination, this way avoiding to sour. Immediately put the other wheat. If no germination is present, only on the second day you can use warmer water and warmer room. Take out the wheat after the 36th hour and eat it as it is. Try to define the germination and to prepare wheat for every day.

It is easy if you are concentrated.

Usually, 48 hours are necessary for germination in cool water and in cool room. Ideal conditions are 22 oC in the room and 22 oC of the water where you soak the wheat.

Spelt germinates faster. Some times even for 24 hours.

How to prepare wheat for germination?

It is best the vessel in which the wheat will be soaked to be made of clay (ceramic) or made of wood, because it is closer to nature. If you don’t have one, you can use vessel made of porcelain.

The wheat should not be boiled and you should not use hulled “beaten” one (due to the matter memory). You may not use thermos with hot water– this method is modern and it is not natural. Try to put yourself in the wheat’s place - scalded and imprisoned!

You measure 100 g of wheat. If you don’t have a scale, put 10 even tablespoons. They are 8 or 12 g each. Soak the wheat in a clay or wooden vessel. These kinds of vessels are closest to nature. The room temperature must be 22 oC. The same must be the temperature of the water which you will put on the wheat in the vessel (few millimeters above the wheat level). This temperature was not randomly chosen. It is the best one for human’s life in the temperate climate zone and it is very favorable for wheat germination. Admittedly, these ideal conditions are not always possible. So therefore try at least to keep the temperature above 18 oC. The upper limit is 27 oC.

In winter, in most cases more than 36 hours are required. If the room is colder – even 48 hours. In autumn 24 hours may be enough. If you use spelt, the germination is faster. But on the other hand spelt rapidly become mesh. The size of germ is of 1 to 3 millimeters.

You need to catch the time of germination. At that moment the energy is not yet wasted. There is also a spiritual meaning – the sacrifice in the name of something new.

During the germination you have to rinse at intervals of 8 to 12 hours.

Below you can see how the germinated wheat which you will eat must look like.

Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j1g.JPG
Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j2g.JPG
Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j3g.JPG
Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j4g.JPG
Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j5g.JPG
Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j6g.JPG
Larger picture:http://jitenrejim.bratstvoto.net/images/j7.JPG

After you have eaten from the wheat you have to cover it, but you don’t put water. Put the vessel in a cool place, but not in a fridge. The goal is not to leave the wheat to sour and the germ to grow.

The diet actually lasts 30 days:

10 days preparation /nutritive and psychological)

10 days eating wheat, walnuts and apples and 10 days return to normal feeding.

Prior to start eating only wheat, it is good to consume more fruits, to gradually exclude sweet foods and meat and to drink more teas and water. You may even try a bit of soaked wheat. It’s not going to harm you (we recommend it also to those of you who never did the diet). Certainly you will have to reduce the general amount of food. Try to adjust as well your acid-base balance in order to avoid heartburn formation during the diet. Below you will find details about the preparation.

This year our vision regarding the diet has changed partially – we believe for better and therefore once again we point out for you the differences between the first pages of some of the older articles or between the articles on the Internet:

The preparation for the wheat diet is very important. Unfortunately, some people start the diet completely unprepared. Everything could go right, but nevertheless this is stressful for the body.

We believe there are people that didn’t yet understand that wheat diet consists of three parts, which last 10 days each (preparation, main part and return to normal feeding). It is normal to put the stress on the main part, but we should not neglect the other two parts, in order to avoid health problems and disorders.


Define the average number of calories you receive when you are not under any limitation regimens. Normal values for women are 2000-2100 kcal. And for men they are 2600-2700 kcal. The day before diet you have to receive not more than 1200 kcal. You should subtract these calories from 2000 or 2700.

You should divide the result so that the number of calories which you refuse from has been equal each day (80-100).

You should also change the type of your food. If you love to eat meat, you have to refuse from it during this period and until the end of the diet. Until the 5th day (to the start of the diet) you should already have stopped eating milk products. During the last 5 days until the start of the diet you may eat soups, salads, fruits and more nuts (the fat must be up to ¼ of the food). The last day before the diet, eat as good and healthy as possible (fruits, vegetables, nuts, potatoes…).

Try to remember as well what kind of food you usually eat - acid or basic. If the acid is more than 60%, then it could cause various disorders. For that reason, try to make correction of your acid-base balance. http://daoin.com/feeding.php


To create a good mood and disposition for the diet you could take a “walk” in the wheat field:


For more spiritual people here follows the spiritual preparation. These are small units composed of songs, prayers and formulas (everyone has favorites). One of the songs may be I COULD ACHIEVE. (Song of the light road). Of course you can say the formula of the Wheat diet, but used in future tense (“God, welcome me in the infirmary of the nature!”)

You could use as support some spiritual practices, but only if you feel that inside of you. For the more spiritually oriented of you, we offer below some links: http://www.bratstvoto.net/music/pesni_k.html

Useful texts for exercises and mediation you may find on http://www.bratstvoto.net

For some of the exercises there is video added. Thus, you may combine the preparation for the Wheat diet with physical activity. These exercises do not require big efforts and most of them could be done at home.


The diet (main part) has always to be started at decreasing moon (new moon), if you want to get rid of something (suffering, diseases), and if you want to acquire something, you have to start the diet at increasing moon (after new moon).

If you don’t respect the moon phases and the beginning day for the diet, it is like swimming upstream of a river. Good swimmers do it, but it is more difficult. And the opposite - if you respect all that, you will swim downstream and it would be easier. Moon has significant impact on human’s life. Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about that.

Here you may see the products of the diet:

Distribute for each day:

100 g of wheat (it contains all the elements, necessary for supporting of life),

3 apples (for the heart)

9 nuts (for the brain),

3 tablespoons of honey, 6 to 8 cups of boiled water (from source, but not mineral).

The volume of water you drink is fixed to 30 ml per kg of body weight. If it gives a lot, then drink at least 2 liters, slowly, at very small sips, not cold, not warm (between 22 and 37 oC.)

Leave it in your mouth as if you chew it. This way you could extract more energy from it.

The number of walnuts and apples is not random. But it would not be a great mistake if you have eaten a bit more walnuts in case you had some crisis. But please keep in mind that small compromises sometimes lead to larger ones. Everything depends on human will.

Remember that this Wheat diet is named so, because it is done only with wheat (according to some sources even for 30 days). But over the years, concessions with other foods had been given. If you cannot swallow the wheat “chewing gum”, try to help yourself with small volume of slightly warmed water (to the normal human body temperature). It is better to eat the wheat with wooden spoon instead of metallic one. You can even eat it with fingers (it’s related to finger energies).

Allowed and not allowed foods and drinks:

We do not recommend you to drink fresh juices, though we love them too (especially the fresh ones)…You are allowed to drink herbal tea, in case you cannot drink only water. But choose more neutral herbs. If you have low blood pressure, drink one cup of green tea per day or cup of coffee. It should not be strong and you can drink it only after you have eaten your portion of wheat (approx. 30 g).

Here is a small admissible trespass.

The lemon doesn’t take part in the list of “official” diet products. But some people are using it as a “substitute” of salt. It has stronger taste and partially eliminates the need of salt. If you want, you can drink two cups of boiled water (but cooled) with some drops of lemon juice and honey (as per your taste). Some people believe it helps for purifying the body and it substitutes the water of the hulled wheat, which we “lost”. It has to be drunk at least one hour before eating. But remember, you are not obliged to do it. You don’t eat the lemon (one per day) but you use its juice in order to support your acid –base balance.

Don’t eat honey if you don’t like. It is not mandatory, but it will be tough for you without it. The daily dosage is up to 50 g (if you wish to lose weight) and up to 100 g if you are very thin or you are in crisis during the diet. Do not mix it up with the wheat. Put it in your mouth and dissolve it with water.

We recommend you to eat the food separately every half hour. Apple is first. Some people mix up walnuts and wheat. This combination is tastier for them but can cause constipation. It is preferable not to eat grated apple due to its contact with the grater. But it depends on your teeth. There is no special requirements on how to eat apple (peeled or not). If peel is clean enough, you better eat it unpeeled. It is true that the knife and the cutting make an impact at energy level on the fruit. But all that depends also on teeth, stomach…

Nutshells and apple peels you have to mould up somewhere in the forest. The apple seed - somewhere where they may sprout. That has a symbolic and spiritual meaning. Do not mix up foods, especially apples and wheat. This might cause your stomach to swell and some small fermentation to develop inside it. But it is not dangerous. Moreover, apple is one of the most combinable with other foods fruits.

There are certain niceties: if you have enough time, you can split up foods. For example at 12:00 o’clock you can eat apple, at 12:30 the wheat, and at 13:00 walnuts. This way you could reduce the slight fermentation of the wheat in your stomach, although apples may slightly increase your hunger. Try not to mix up water and food. At least not much. Do not abuse the honey. One teaspoon per eating. Not more than one jar for the entire diet (for the hungriest of you). If you often suffer from constipation, be careful with walnuts. In most of the time, there is no problem with them, but we are not all created equal. Try to visit the rest room more often.

If you cannot drink water, drink tea (made of some of the more traditional and useful for the stomach herbs). But the dosage of 1.5 l could be too big for you and could make you feel at least a little bit languid. It is preferable to alternate water with tea.

Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol.

Drink plenty of water which preferably has human body temperature (about 37 oC)

If you need any further information, you may find it here:


In case of disorders:

If you suffer from headache, try to help yourself with tea of peppermint, common balm, thyme, camomile and honey. But first put the honey in your mouth and then dissolve it there with the tea. It is possible that you experience low blood pressure problems. Try to adjust it by drinking some tea (green) or not strong coffee (in the morning). If it is really low, increase the volume of honey you eat. It is normal for you to be cold. Do not worry about the headache. There is connection between the head and the stomach (even when you suffer from constipation it may cause you headache). The headache comes up as a result of body cleaning. Sometimes, during such process weaker places of the body are attacked. On the next days, the pain will gradually pass. In these cases, do not take painkillers! Do not force yourself to drink to much water. If you do that, you would either hamper your kidneys or you would fill your stomach with to much water, you will lose your appetite and you will become weak due to absence of nutrients in your body. The recommended volume of water for those of you who drink less water is one and a half liter (together with the wheat water). May be it is normal to drink 2 l of water daily. Everyone individually could estimate the normal volume; however there are recommendations for 30 ml per kg of body weight.

During the wheat diet, you may frequently repeat to yourself that you are not hungry and you are satiated. Sometimes it is the imposition of mind over body needs. You want it to be like that and you even create the appropriate sensation for that. May be it is normal because you want to succeed. But often this illusion turns out to be the basic reason for failure. For that reason, try to eat your daily dosage of food. Remember that you need at least 1200 kcal per day, and in winter even more. You can only reduce the quantity of honey (50 g are sufficient for fast). If you need, you may increase the volume up to 100 g in case of trembling, cold and low blood pressure.

Major part of the spiritual meaning of Whet diet you could find here: Wheat grain: http://triangle.bg/books/1914-03-16--1.1998/1914-03-23--1.html

Return to normal nutrition:

Do not worry about the return to normal feeding. Only remember that everything must happen gradually. The main problem consists in the quantity.

You better eat less, but 4 or 5 times a day.

The classic angel soup is made only of whole potatoes. But you can add as well a little bit of lemon juice, carrot and onion.

It is not preferable from the first day to add black paper.

The light return to normal feeding starts on the 10th day at noon. There is a spiritual reason for that as well. The figure 10 represents a unit and a beginning.

Here is one more time the link for the return to normal feeding. I recommend you to remember it and if you have questions to ask them.


Here is a great example from the topic about the return to normal feeding (very reach):

http://www.bg-mamma.com/index.php?topic=528794.msg17778207#msg17778207 provided by ann69. Thank you!

Until now you observed the instructions and you were successful. But you have been very well informed about what you are allowed to eat. Now you have more freedom. You have certain choice regarding the type and the quality of the foods.

The first major danger is to limit you and not take huge amount of food. The same applies for salads and fruits. Because each one of you experience the shrunk stomach effect, even if it is only at psychological level. So therefore eat small quantities, but more times a day. Although no one of dietitians would limit the food quantity this way, you better listen to our advices until the 5th day.

Add every time a little bit of calories (80). The easiest way is by eating nuts. But you should control the fat (in normal feeding it must not be more than ¼). Wonderful supplement to the salads could be hulled sunflower seeds. You can eat as well the germs. It will not be wrong if you continue to eat germinated wheat, walnuts, apples and honey.

The principle you should follow during the first 5 days is to refuse eating food which is more difficult for digestion than the wheat, which you ate.

You by no means should take cakes, fried food or alcohol. As we many times emphasize, one small peace of something “forbidden” is not a big problem. The problem consists then in your incapacity to limit yourself.

Milk products could wait until the 6th day. Well, several tablespoons of yogurt make no problem even a bit earlier. But solid milk products (cheese, yellow cheese) should wait until that day.

It is better during the entire period of the return to normal feeding the fruits, the vegetables and the nuts to make at least the half of your food. The other half could be stewed and roasted.

You may eat rice and peas on the 4th day, but with less salt and fat. The case of pickles is more complicated. We would abstain during these ten days, but if you like too much, you may eat after the 8th day.

Here are some guidelines for the first day of the return to normal feeding.

On the second day, the food quantity must be the half of the normal one for you. Calories must be approx. 1450. You have to continue eating boiled or prepared on steam vegetable food. Eat as well fruits, salads, vegetables (uncooked, mostly carrots), nuts (one forth of your food). Avoid cabbage. Do not add classic spices except a little bit of salt and olive oil (if you cannot eat without them) or some drops of lemon juice. Do not eat bread. Do not eat raw pungent vegetables (turnip, garlic, onion…).

The amount of food on the third day must be two thirds of the normal one for you (it is a relative criterion for those of you who were eating more before the diet). Calories for women: 1550 – 1600 kcal, and for men: 2150 – 220 kcal.

Continue to eat vegetables, fruits and nuts. You already may add to your food rice and peas and you can use a little bit of olive oil and salt. You may boil but you may not cook nor fry the food. You don’t eat bread, meat, sugar products, milk products, mushrooms and haricot. Abstain from larger volume of cabbage (ordinary and mostly raw).

Drink enough water (around 2 l with temperature around that of human body). You can eat bee honey as well, up to 50 g. Those of you who addicted to the wheat may eat it as well, but less than during the diet. (approx. 50 g).

The amount of food on the fourth day of the return to normal feeding must be three fourths of the normal amount for you (relative criterion). Calories for women: 1600-1650 kcal, and for men: 220-2250 kcal. Continue to eat vegetables, fruits and nuts. You may increase the volume of olive oil and salt. Continue to boil the food. If you need to eat yogurt, you are allowed to eat several tablespoons. It will not be wrong if you eat a little bread - up to one slice.

On the fifth day you already may eat the normal for you amount of food (relatively). Calories for women: 1350-1700 kcal, and for men: 220-2250 kcal. Continue to eat vegetables, fruits and nuts (they could be more hard already). This is the last day of limitation for only a boiled food. Salads may be prepared with normal quantity of olive oil and salt (do not put to much salt). You can eat up to 200 g yogurt and one slice of bread. Continue to drink enough water.

On the 6th day of the return to normal feeding, you may eat a little roasted food. But it must not be more than one third of the total amount of your food. Calories for women are about 1750 kcal, and for men: approx. 2300 kcal. Continue with salads, fruits and nuts. You may also prepare rice and peas and corn.

If you like to eat a little bit of turnip, you can do it, but chose it not to much pungent. You can use garlic and black paper. Now, you may eat a little bit of yellow cheese, cheese and olives (up to 100 g), but chose them not too salty. If you like to eat bread, you are allowed to take 2 slices.

Continue to drink enough water (1, 5 - 5 l).

On the 7th day of the return to normal feeding, your food may be roasted. Now you can start eating a little bit of cabbage and haricot. The bread is limited to 3 slices. You better continue to eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts. Do not eat sweet things, mushrooms and meat (for those of you who are not vegetarians). Yellow cheese, cheese and olives are allowed up to 150 g (not too salty). You may eat yogurt normally.

Calories for women must be up to 1800 kcal, and for men approx. 2400 kcal.

Continue to drink enough water (1, 5 - 2 l).

On the 8th day of the return to normal feeding, the ratio of boiled to roasted food must already be one third to two thirds. Continue to eat as you did on the 7th day. You may eat normal quantities of cabbage and haricot. If you like a lot to eat banitsa, do it, but not to much (100 g).

Remember that the quantity of fruits, vegetables and nuts must be at least the half of the total amount of your food.

Calories for women must be up to 1900 kcal, and for men approx. 2500 kcal

Continue to drink enough water.

On the 9th day of the return to normal feeding, the ratio of boiled to roasted food (for the half of the amount of your food) can be one fourth to three fourths. Continue to eat as you did on the 8th day. The volume of pasta is fixed to 200 g.

Do not eat mushrooms, meat and pastry.

Calories for women must be up to 1950 kcal, and for men approx. 2600 kcal

Continue to drink enough water.

On the 10th day of the return to normal feeding you are very close to your normal way of feeding. The half of your food may be roasted or boiled. The other half is vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Small limitation about the pasta is still present (up to 300 g). Continue to abstain from meat, mushrooms and sugar products.

Calories for women must be up to 2000 kcal, and for men approx. 2700 kcal

Continue to drink enough water.

From the 11th to the 15th day of the return to normal feeding, you introduce gradually in your food meat (begin by the lightest one), mushrooms and sugar products (be very careful with them). If you limit them, it would be better. It will be good for you if you continue to eat fruits, vegetables and nuts.

This return to normal feeding was a little bit softer. Those of you who want to lose weight can adjourn the introduction of pasta and milk products by day or two (between the 6th and the10th day.

First three days eat fresh vegetable salads (though in winter vegetables have not good quality). Add a little bit of olive oil and salt. Eat also vegetable soups. You may eat boiled potatoes as well. Abstain from bread. You can continue eating nuts. Buck-wheat or groats are like an original continuation of the Wheat diet. When returning to the normal feeding, you may include them gradually as of the third day. At least the first two days you should eat vegetable soups and mash.

On the fourth day, you can prepare a salad of carrots adding a little bit of yogurt. Add one slice of bread as well.

On the fifth day you may eat shopska salad. During the fourth and the fifth day you can also eat boiled rice.

The basic point here is that until this day must be boiled. As of the sixth day you can eat a little bit of roasted food with no worries.

On the sixth day you may eat oatmeal with cheese, mash of wholegrain bread, cooked fresh cabbage. You can increase the amount of milk and cheese. Eat muesli as well.

Gradually increase the amount of foods you were eating. Add also a little bit of yellow cheese. Small amount of olives is allowed, as well as peas and green haricot. Increase the number of slices of bread.

On the eighth day you are allowed to eat haricot, lentil and cooked sauerkraut (meatless dishes) stew.

After the tenth day you may gradually include meat, pastry, eggs and mushrooms.

Mushrooms are one of the heaviest foods for stomach (among the vegetable ones). It is preferable to include them after the tenth day. If you like a lot to eat them, you may start with small quantities as of the fifth day.

Salads with olive oil are allowed but with very little salt. If until the fifth day you resist without salt, it will be good. You may substitute salt for lemon juice. The sour taste is stronger than salty and disguises the absence of salt. ON THE FIRST DAY PUT VERY LITTLE AMOUNT OF OLIVE OIL IN THE FOOD.

If you like cabbage, in the beginning it’s quantity must be very limited. I gave the ratios of the food volume for the first five days. You start by one third of the food amount which is normal for you. It is good to eat 4 or 5 times a day (the total amount of food you must divide by 4 or 5).

There are very good examples on how to return to normal feeding in the pervious articles about Wheat diet – article 3,4,5. It will be difficult to find on the Internet more detailed information than this one here.

The given examples for returning to normal feeding in some web sites or here in the beginning are either for fruit diet or medical starvation. Wheat diet is none of them, but there are some common principles that have to be followed.

During the return to normal feeding you can use olive oil from the second eating on. It is even recommended. Roasted, cut peppers you may eat a little from the third eating on. But forget about the oatmeal at least until the fifth day. Then you can eat a little and after the tenth day you can eat it normally. The rice is also allowed. You may include small amount of it (boiled) even from the second eating on.

This diet is so strict (the return to normal feeding provided in the forum is very strict and applies to other type of diets). Don’t be afraid of the return to normal feeding. You just have to be careful not to “jump” immediately on the solid food, cakes and alcohol.

Don’t hurry up to eat cabbage. Do not eat raw cabbage until the tenth day, but you may start eating a cooked one from the 6th or 7th day on.

Avoid talking about food and exchanging pictures of culinary delights. Limit yourself within the admissible for the day or two. If you talk or write about chocolates, cakes or yellow cheese, the risk of failure during the return to normal feeding is too big.

Acid-base balance:

In order to have a good acid-base balance, we have to consume 60% of basic and 40% of acid foods.

We usually consume much more acid foods like bread, rice, meat, coffee, alcohol, soya etc.

So therefore, at least 10 days before the diet we have to eat more fruits, vegetables and haricot. I recommend you dried peaches, ripe bananas and carrots (they are highly basic). The same applies for plums, dates and figs.

Below some signs of increased acidity in the body are indicated:

To avoid all that, you have to adjust your acid-base balance before the diet.

If you suffer from low blood pressure, it may become a little lower. Sometimes, you may feel cold, faintness and you may even faintly tremble.

Therefore you may drink at least once per day green tea. Some people drink Rooibos, other even substitute water for tea (but tranquilizing and by no means black).

The critical period is between the 2nd and the 5th day. This is the time when body is re-adjusting. However, observe yourself. If your blood pressure decreases a lot, drink more tea. But in case your blood pressure values become critical and you suffer from dizziness, stop the diet.


Recommended dosage of bee honey is about 50 g per day.

100 g of honey give 333 kcal. This means that 50 g are approx. 165 kcal.

Apples are at the most 100 kcal (at least 50).

Walnuts have about 700 kcal per 100 g.

You may find further information about their nutritive properties here:


Wheat has approx. 350 kcal. You may see details about it here: http://natural.hemuz.org/zhito

Generally, people don’t eat it all. Another difficulty is to precisely define the amount of food (in grams). This is one of the reasons for some people to not recommend Wheat diet to lactating women (in addition to liberation of toxins). They believe lactating women would need at least 1600 kcal.

Alternative for lactating women could be:

Fruit salads combined with nuts (with total amount of calories of 1800)

Fat must be at least one fourth (of nuts). Good addition could be hazelnuts, sunflower seeds etc. Until the third day you will not have problems with clearance. Then it will be day by day.

Big problem could arise from psychological amplitudes. So therefore be calm and listen more often to nice music. Don’t be afraid. You will eliminate a part of the problem with toxins. As if you eat only a vegetable food. If however you feel disorders and reduction in the volume of the milk, stop the diet.

Do not make extra efforts. It is important to estimate your forces. If you make heavy mental or physical work, do not do this diet. I do not recommend it to pregnant or lactating women. Pregnant women should not do Wheat diet, especially during the first months of pregnancy due to possible problems on psychological level.

Small effort is more important than fanatic following without capacities.

You would go against yourself in case you harm yourself, and not if you eat one more apple or one more walnut.

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